Exemption Certificate Management

In conjunction with the leader in exemption certificate management solutions, we can help you create, validate, store and manage sales tax exemption and reseller certificates and make them available for easy retrieval. Having an end-to-end exemption certificate management system in place limits audit exposure and ensures that every non-taxable transaction is tracked correctly.

As tax teams know, missing certificates during an audit can result in fees, fines and penalties. An enterprise solution will free you from searching for certificates to managing them with real-time updates. Our solutions partner can integrate with hundreds of ERP, accounting, tax and POS systems – including in-house solutions.

Some additional points to consider about outsourcing this burden:

  • Pricing scaled to the number of certificates stored
  • Training is included
  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • No ongoing IT support needed

Respond to audit requests with ease! We can help.


Our team looks forward to partnering with you to support your company’s compliance and recovery objectives. If you are interested, please contact us today.