Our Story

Launched in 1999, TaxMatrix was founded on and remains 100% focused on sales and use tax recovery, research and compliance. Our foundation as a tax research firm gives us an unmatched advantage in the industry.

As a sales and use tax consultant firm dedicated to client service, we believe in a “pay it forward” mentality whereby a satisfied client’s reference is far more valuable than approaching the same taxpayer every few years to recover the same unclaimed exemptions.

Our goal is to increase sales tax compliance and recover sales tax refunds for our clients. Our clients enjoy the fruits of our labor: improved bottom line, Custom Tax Workshops and an ongoing Tax Help Desk. As a national firm with offices in six states, we service every U.S. taxing jurisdiction and every industry.

Company Facts:

  •  Founded – 1999
  •  Tax Help DeskSM – Only tax services firm that offers access to a fully-staffed Tax Help DeskSM for real-time issues or research needs for any U.S. jurisdiction at no charge
  •  Experience over 450 years of combined transaction tax experience
  •  Industry Expertise – Manufacturing, Retail, Oil/Gas, Pharmaceutical/Biotech and Financial Services
  •  Clients – Over 350 clients (from mid-size to the Fortune 100)
  •  IP – Patent 7,716,093 B2 (Online Sales Tax Assessment & Remittance System)
  •  Offices:
    •  Pennsylvania (headquarters)
    •  Texas
    •  New York
    •  North Carolina
    •  New Jersey
    •  Connecticut

Our team looks forward to partnering with you to support your company’s compliance and recovery objectives. If you are interested, please contact our sales and use tax consultants today.


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