Sales Tax Exemptions on Utilities in Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, businesses may be exempt from sales tax on utilities used for business purposes. Under Title 61, Chapter 32, a company may claim sales tax exemptions after purchasing steam, natural gas, manufactured gas and electricity. 

Are You Leaving $100,000+ On The Table? – Overlooked Indiana Sales & Use Tax Savings

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My name is Clyde Gentry, the 3rd.


I’m the Vice President of Business Development for Tax Matrix.


I’ve been with the company for

Summer Sales Tax Savings for Indiana Manufacturers

Are You Leaving $100,000 on the Table?

By Clyde Gentry III

Every company looks to improve their bottom line and increase cash flow, but most don’t realize that savings can be found in the unlikeliest place: sales & use tax.

Missouri Manufacturing Local Sales Tax Change

As of January 1, 2023, manufacturing exemptions under Section 114.054, RSMo, apply to state sales and use tax, and local sales and use tax. Prior to this date, only the local sales tax would apply on otherwise state-exempt manufacturing purchases.…

Carfax Loses Missouri Supreme Court Case on Sales Tax Exemption

Taxpayer (Carfax) was unable to sway the MO Supreme Court that purchases of equipment used to produce vehicle history reports (VHRs) should be exempt from sales tax.

Although Missouri has very liberal sales tax exemptions on equipment used in manufacturing, …

Sales Tax Recovery for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, but with expanded legislation and ever-flowing capital, it stands to grow from a projected $27.7 billion in 2022 to over $149 billion by 2031. The race-to-market and product demand now support …