Sales Tax Recovery Services

TaxMatrix brings a unique and proven approach to sales & use tax recovery by breaking down a client’s business into dozens of operating cost centers – across many industries – to ensure the client capitalizes on all applicable sales tax exemptions.

A dynamic environment (see below) drives non-compliance creating a natural error rate that inevitably causes companies to overpay sales tax. It is the granularity of our approach that drives our results, which drives the custom tax workshops, the process improvements and the future savings! These one-time recoveries and the future savings will be accretive to your company’s bottom line and can be reinvested in other tax or procurement opportunities.

While our peers typically view taxpayers as annuities by hoping to return every three or four years to find the same low-hanging fruit, our philosophy is quite different. It is our transparent approach, customized training and no-fee access to our Tax Help DeskSM that drives real value for our clients.


Overpayment reviews are typically performed when companies:

  •  are under audit
  •  have substantial purchasing in a particular state over a short amount of time
  •  have at least three years of available statute
  •  have recently acquired or ceased operations in a particular state(s)
  •  change their tax accounting procedures (SAP implementation, centralized, A/P turnover, etc.)

From single state to multi-state reviews, our Client Engagement team breaks down the client’s business activities in order to vet out every unexplored refund opportunity and mitigate exposures so that our clients pay their fair share only.  Our painless process includes all the heavy lifting (pulling/scanning A/P invoices), working with vendors for supporting documentation and filing client-approved refunds with state agencies, vendors or both.

Below is a sampling of our reverse sales tax audit success across a variety of industries:


Sales Tax Recovery Audit Success by Industry


Success-Based – we only earn a fee after the client has received a refund from a state or vendor.  There are no upfront or hourly fees or costs.

Here is a summary of our Sales Tax Recovery service:

  •  Heavy Lifting – we perform all of the heavy lifting, including pulling/scanning files, claims        scheduling, and working with states/vendors for supporting documentation.
  •  The Client is always in Control – all refund petitions must be approved by the client.
  •  Tax Workshop – we provide complimentary customized training for the client’s tax and A/P  staff   to eliminate future issues.
  •  Tax Help DeskSMevery client enjoys complimentary access to our Tax Help DeskSM for        ongoing sales & use tax support (

TaxMatrix can also perform a full-exposure analysis to mitigate the presence of deficiencies and save your company’s bottom line with our sales tax recovery services. For more information about our sales tax compliance review services click here.

Our team looks forward to partnering with you to support your company’s compliance and recovery objectives.