Launched in 1999, TaxMatrix is a leading tax consultancy firm that focuses solely on sales & use tax. With offices nationwide, we are ready to support your company’s compliance and recovery goals today.

We bring over 450 years of combined transaction tax experience to our clients, with a salaried team of former tax managers, tax attorneys, auditors and tax researchers – no outside contractors. Our team has expertise in every U.S. taxing jurisdiction and industry on both buy and sell sides of sales tax.

TaxMatrix currently services over 400 small, midsize and large cap clients in all industries, including manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, energy, financial and information services. Now we are offering our services to CPA firms like yours!

TaxMatrix and Your CPA Business

Let our value proposition, commitment to quality and highly-experienced staff enhance your practice to better serve your clients’ needs today. Contact us today at 1-855-SUT-DESK or fill out a contact form under the Contact Us tab to learn more about what we can do for your business. Take your CPA practice to the next level!