Sales and Use Tax Compliance Review

If you collect sales tax, you know that there are over 600 changes in sales tax determinations a year, along with other adjustments to taxing jurisdictions and rates. Regulations establishing proper sales and use tax compliance are constantly in flux, which leads companies to collect too little or too much – often at the same time.

The cost of these sales tax compliance errors significantly compound over time and sales tax audit periods. To support your sales and use tax compliance, TaxMatrix will conduct a comprehensive or targeted sales tax exposure analysis for your company’s activities within any given open statute period. You can count on us to identify the risks you’re taking with your tax strategy and to protect you against future liability. You won’t be left guessing. We give you the chance to see yourself just as the IRS will see you.

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Our Sales Tax Compliance team offers Best-in-Market services to:

  • Protect against unforeseen audit assessment
  • Mitigate the threat of class action lawsuits
  • Reduce complaints and the threat of negative advertising
  • Reallocate tax staff to higher priority sales tax compliance matters

TaxMatrix Protects Your Business Every Step of the Way

In order to avoid fines and fees, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the way sales tax and use tax works. Be honest when assessing your needs:

  • Do you understand the difference between sales and use tax?
  • Do you know the appropriate amounts to withhold during a transaction?
  • Do you understand the impact of withholding the wrong amounts?

Sometimes it takes a specialist to navigate business laws and regulations without any risk. Sales tax is a transaction tax. Paying or remitting your fair share is one thing, but paying incremental fees, fines and penalties for underpaid tax is another. Get the advantage of experts who are on your side. Hire TaxMatrix to troubleshoot any of your tax withholding problems.

Contact TaxMatrix whenever you need help with sales and use tax. We have the experience needed to point you in the right direction. Simplify these topics and ensure proper implementation of all your tax policies.

Our team looks forward to partnering with you in compliance and recovery objectives. If you’re interested, please contact us today.