Outsourced Sales Tax Services for CPA Firms




Recognizing the need for CPA practices to serve as trusted advisor to their clients for sales & use tax, TaxMatrix is proud to offer the CPA-STARTSM program, the industry’s only outsourced sales tax practice for CPA firms. Sales & use tax is a specialized area of tax accounting that is ever-changing, and requires a unique focus to meet the demands of your clients.

CPA-STARTSM (Sales Tax Advocacy & Resource Team) can bring a wealth of value to your CPA firm by leveraging our experience to provide a complete portfolio of sales tax accounting services. Sales & use tax issues are prevalent across all industries and client types, but often neglected unless under audit. Clients will not need to engage another firm to handle their sales tax issues because they already have a trusted partner with CPA-STARTSM.

Sales and Use Tax Compliance Outsourcing

A firm that understands the nuances of sales & use tax is crucial. For example, the rules regarding Nexus have become increasingly complicated with the online evolution. There is Click-through Nexus, Affiliate Nexus, Marketplace Nexus and Economic Nexus.

Sales & Use tax Nexus rules are broader than income tax Nexus rules. Nexus exposures can cost a company millions or even put them out of business. CPA-STARTSM sorts out all of these Nexus distinctions, and other sales tax nuances, so your clients are prepared for any Nexus realities they may face.

Clients can also take advantage of our expertise in multi-faceted reviews for exposures, tax recovery and audit defense. Expansions, acquisitions and mergers may necessitate proactive exposure and/or refund reviews to “stop the clock” on underpaid areas as well as recoup overpaid dollars in a variety of areas, including utilities. If under sales and tax audit, your clients benefit from having a second set of eyes to decrease the audit assessment and drive value through identifying credits or refunds.

With CPA-STARTSM, you can offer a wide range of sales & use tax services to clients, differentiating your firm from your peers while staying focused on your competencies. These services increase your billable hours, but more importantly, they keep your firm in the client’s mind.

If you are interested in learning more about CPA-STARTSM or signing up, call 1-855-SUT-DESK or contact us online at cpastart@taxmatrix.com today.