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Reverse Sales Tax Audit

Tax Matrix offers companies a broad array of sales and use tax services and training to help mitigate the impact of a sales tax audit both on the buy side (what your company procures) and the sell side (what your company sells). Our "stock in trade" is ensuring that our clients pay the least amount of sales taxes that they owe while complying with state sales tax regulations. No stone is unturned in this quest.

Tax Matrix views each client not as a singular business, but as hundreds of businesses in one across many industries, to evaluate the situation from numerous angles. We capitalize on sales and use tax exemptions that at first glance, do not apply to your industry. Where other reverse sales tax audit and auditing defense firms stop at the low-hanging fruit, Tax Matrix gets down to the most granular level to recover every dollar that most would not think, or want, to find.

  • Refund Review
    • RECOVER overpaid tax dollars and reinvest in corporate initiatives.
    • ISOLATE all available exemptions by evaluating the whole picture.
    • IDENTIFY tax errors now and improve performance going forward.
    • REVIEW for exposure areas and advise the client of correct measures.

  • Sales Taxes Audit Defense
    • DETERMINE if the auditor's analysis and sampling method is appropriate and accurate.
    • BACK UP as 1st or 2nd set of eyes with no risk or out-of-pocket cost.
    • SENIOR TEAM has over 100 years auditing and audit defense experience for State Agencies.

  • Review Process
    • ACCESS to client's A/P files from prior years (# dependent on state).
    • ACCESS to client's chart of accounts.
    • ACCESS to a cost center listing.

  • Client Benefits
    • SUCCESS-based pricing; if we don't find anything, your cost is zero.
    • CUSTOMIZED SALES AND USE TAX TRAINING seminar for staff to ensure 100% future savings.
    • SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS now and in the future as refunds enhance bottom line.
    • REDUCED THREAT of future non-reserve assessments.
    • FULL ACCESS to team of expert tax professionals and auditors for real time tax consultant help.