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Our Tax Help DeskSM is available free-of-charge to our recovery (audit defense/refund review) clients. We are the only firm in the industry to truly offer a complimentary, fully-staffed Sales and Use Tax Help Desk for ongoing compliance support in any U.S. taxing jurisdiction. Simply email or call with your question, and you will have an answer within 2 business days with the applicable tax code/law cited for reference when relevant.

Staying ahead of the latest tax changes is essential to safeguarding your business. Just a handful of fines can be enough to disrupt your profits. Worse, your penalties aren’t just limited to money. Willfully breaking tax laws – by refusing to pay tax – carries a possible jail sentence.

Companies can test-drive our Tax Help Desk via email at or by phone at 1.855.SUT.DESK.

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Below are some recent client questions received by our Tax Help Desk

  •  In California, there is a charge to a contractor for the furnishing and installation of a glass-sliding partition and a glass swing door. On the invoice, there is no separation of costs between materials and labor. Is this transaction subject to sales and use tax?
  •  Is direct mail subject to tax in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas?
  •  One of our divisions is a multi-state manufacturing company. We just acquired two large lift units used for moving steel between stations. The units will be placed in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Each lift costs approximately $225k and no tax was charged on the invoice. We do not use the equipment 100 percent in production. Should we accrue/remit tax on these invoices?
  •  In Pennsylvania, we have an outside cleaning service for our offices. Is this service subject to sales and use tax, and is the entire charge subject to tax? If only select services are taxable, how do you split up the billing?
  • In Texas, what is the taxability of installing an alarm system?
  •  In Nevada, we rent out our banquet room and charge a 21% “service fee” on the bill, which is essentially a gratuity for the banquet servers. However, of that 21% charge, we keep 2% and give the servers the remaining 19%. Is any part of the service fee subject to sales tax?
  •  In Kansas, our firm uses third party advertising sales people that are not employees. They help sell advertising for our newspaper. Is this a taxable service?

Our team looks forward to partnering with you to support your company’s compliance and tax recovery objectives. When every state takes an individual stance on these issues, you need a specialist to help steer you clear of danger. The risk of collecting too many or too few tax funds comes with big consequences. Keep away from trouble and stay up to date with the latest changes in your industry with help from our sales tax helpline..

Contact us today for first-rate tax consultation and advice! Dial 1.855.SUT.DESK to speak to one of our tax specialists.

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