Sales Tax Returns and Filing

Businesses have a statutory requirement to collect and remit transactional taxes; however, this obligation has no strategic value, it requires precious resources and offers only the downside of non-compliance. The states appoint businesses as tax collectors, and assigns to them all of the risk. These requirements and the associated risks are driving the adoption of outsourced returns and filing services. In conjunction with the leading provider of sales tax returns & filing services, we can help you ensure timely and accurate transactional tax filing and remittance – simply and at low cost.

Knowing Your Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Knowing your sales and use tax compliance means knowing your Nexus, which are the rules established by each individual state for how your business needs to comply with sales and use tax regulations. The problem is, if you do business across state lines, you need to know sales tax rules for multiple states, and these rules can be so long and complicated that it’s easy to make a mistake on your sales tax returns.

To be compliant, you need to meet the filing schedules, know the payment thresholds, fill out the forms and meet all the administrative requirements of the states where you do business. If your sales tax returns don’t reflect this compliance, you could be subject to serious penalties and fines. This is why it’s so important to have a review of your sales and use tax compliance. 

Leaving your sales and use tax returns outsourcing to us allows our sales tax compliance team to provide that crucial review to protect your business against unexpected audits, the threat of class-action lawsuits and other perils of poor sales and tax use reporting. And the sales and use tax help desk is available whenever you need it to answer any questions you may have before they turn into big problems.

Whether you’re collecting too little or too much, reporting incorrectly, or not collecting when you should, even small errors can compound quickly. If you’re not confident in your tax strategy or your level of exposure, the time to engage sales and use tax returns outsourcing is now.

Sales & Use Tax Returns Outsourcing

Filing and remitting sales tax returns and payments is a time-consuming, budget-draining and error-prone activity. With the help of pre-loaded calendars, you can easily manage your remittance schedule, automating the entire filing process.

You can forget tracking jurisdictional requirements for filing and timely remittance and start remitting the right amounts to the right taxing authority at the right time, dramatically shrinking the time your company spends on sales tax return processing.

You can also simplify your accounting process and treasury management with a single ACH transfer to a secured account to cover all of your sales tax liability.

Are you ready to outsource the burden and the risk? We can help.


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