Sales Tax Research

The TaxMatrix sales tax research team is dedicated to staying well ahead of the curve of ever-changing tax legislature. We pride ourselves in delivering our clients the tax law changes before they adversely affect their business. Additionally, we are highly skilled at carrying out tax and letter ruling research projects across all states and industries to provide an up-to-date picture for our clients.

With TaxMatrix at your side, you have access to a team of highly-skilled tax professionals as well as a wealth of sales tax resources and vast industry knowledge. We can quickly and accurately solve your tax issues to free up your valuable time to spend on higher-priority tasks that require your attention.

Our Sales Tax Research services include:

TaxMatrix Clients Gain Free Access to our Tax Help DeskSM

In addition to expert sales tax research, all client gain permanent, no-fee access to our Tax Help DeskSM for ongoing compliance support, saving you time and money when you need it most. Simply contact us at or by phone at 1-855-SUT.DESK, and you will have an answer within 48 hours!

Our team looks forward to partnering with you to support your company’s compliance and recovery objectives. If you are interested, please contact us today.