Economic Nexus in Oklahoma Legislature

Last Updated on July 19, 2021

A bill containing potential economic nexus changes has been prefiled in the Oklahoma Legislature.

Under current law, by July 1, 2018, and by June 1 of each calendar year starting this year, a “remote seller”, “marketplace facilitator”, or “referrer” lacking physical Oklahoma presence who had at least $10,000 in aggregate Oklahoma sales in the preceding 12-calendar-month period, must file an election with the Oklahoma Tax Commission to:

  • collect and remit sales and use tax due on tangible personal property and obtain a sales tax permit, or
  • comply with notice and reporting requirements.

As initially drafted, the prefiled bill would:

  • require remote sellers with at least $100,000 in Oklahoma sales in a calendar year to collect tax the next fiscal year;
  • exclude from this $100,000 Oklahoma sales where a marketplace facilitator or referrer collects tax for the remote seller;
  • eliminate for remote sellers the election between collection/remittance and notice/reporting;
  • expand the election to include marketplace facilitators and referrers that have in-state physical presence; and
  • make a marketplace seller’s lack of in-state physical presence irrelevant in calculating facilitator or referrer sales.

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